How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean with Smorobot, the Smart Pool Cleaning Robot
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How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean with Smorobot, the Smart Pool Cleaning Robot

What is Smorobot?

Smorobot is a robotic pool cleaner that can automatically scan, navigate, and clean your pool with minimal human intervention. Smorobot is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 hours per charge. Smorobot can work with any type and size of pool, whether it's above-ground or in-ground, concrete or vinyl, round or rectangular.

Smorobot is equipped with a smart navigation system that uses sensors and algorithms to map out your pool and plan the optimal cleaning route. Smorobot can avoid obstacles and adjust its speed and direction according to the pool shape and depth. Smorobot can also climb the walls and scrub the waterline, leaving your pool sparkling from top to bottom.


What makes Smorobot different from other pool cleaners?

Smorobot features a self-cleaning function and anti-clogging mechanism. It uses the water pump to reverse and flush the filter net with water, clearing away any large leaves, algae, dirt, and debris that may be stuck on it.


Here is a more detailed explanation of how the self-cleaning function works:

  1. The water pump reverses its direction, creating a strong reverse flow of water.
  2. This reverse flow of water flushes the filter net from the inside out, dislodging any debris that may be stuck on it.
  3. The debris is then carried away by the water flow and discharged out of the robot.
The self-cleaning function of Smorobot has several benefits:
  • It reduces the need for manual cleaning of the filter net.
  • It prevents the filter net from becoming clogged, which can reduce the robot's cleaning efficiency.
  • It helps to extend the life of the filter net.
    The anti-clogging mechanism of Smorobot also helps to keep the robot running smoothly. It does this by preventing large debris from entering the water pump and causing it to become clogged.
    The combination of the self-cleaning function and the anti-clogging mechanism makes Smorobot a low-maintenance pool cleaner. It can clean your pool efficiently and effectively without requiring much attention from you.
    How to use Smorobot?
    Using Smorobot is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is:
    1. Charge the battery until the indicator light turns green.
    2. Place Smorobot in the pool and turn it on.
    3. Let Smorobot do its magic and enjoy your free time.
    4. When Smorobot is done, take it out of the pool and empty the filter basket.

    5. Store Smorobot in a cool and dry place until the next use.

    Where to buy Smorobot?

    If you're interested in buying Smorobot, you can visit our website at [] and place your order online. You can also contact us at [] if you have any questions or feedback. Smorobot is the smart pool cleaning robot that you've been looking for. It can save you time, money, and hassle, and give you a clean and healthy pool that you can enjoy all year round.