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Power of Effortless Clean


TORNADO Suction System

Max. 8000 GPH with Automatic Adaption

TRIDENT Vision System

Beyond what you see, Clean what you can't see.

Valor Series

Intelligent Cordless Robotic Pool cleaner


Tank C1

Up to 3300 GPH Strong Suction, Deep Clean for X-Large Debris. Order Now

Valor S10

Unparalled cleaning performance powered by Tornado™ suction system, max. 8000 GPH with automatic adapation. Pre-Order

Valor P10

Cutting-edge automated pool maintenance robotic cleaner powered by Trident™ vision system. Pre-Order

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What our customer say


Does a great job picking up debris, and leaves and cleaning. Cleans right up the wall and waterline with no problem. Good value for the money! Recharges in a couple of hours. Need to use it while the pool filter is off. Cannot be used if pool chlorine levels are high. Pleased at how well it works! Super nice to not have to deal with hoses. Easy to open it to clean out the basket after each use.


I bought this vacuum for one of my vacation homes and I was told by my property manager that is one of the best pool vacuum he has used. I haven’t used it yet but as of right now working good and do it’s job at 200 dollars cheaper then my previous pool vacuum.


The pool vacuum cleaner looks great and is an effective pool robot that will keep your pool clean. The instructions are easy to follow, and it doesn‘t take much time to start cleaning right out of the box.Highly recommend!!

Judy Linke

I recently added the Smorobot Tank X1C cordless robotic pool cleaner to my pool maintenance arsenal, and I couldn‘t be more pleased with its performance. This innovative pool cleaner has truly impressed me with its powerful features and efficient cleaning capabilities. One of the standout features of this robot is its strong suction power. This ensures that it effectively removes debris and dirt from both the pool floor and walls, leaving my pool spotless and inviting. The quality build of the cleaner is evident in its sturdy construction, which gives me confidence that it can handle regular use without any issues. What truly sets this robotic pool cleaner apart is its smart navigation system. It moves around my pool with precision, covering every nook and cranny. I particularly appreciate its ability to climb walls, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning. The cleaner's navigation also prevents it from getting stuck in corners or missing any areas, which is a common issue with some other pool cleaners. Battery life is another impressive aspect of the robot. It can clean continuously for well over two hours on a single charge, ensuring that my entire pool gets the attention it needs. When the battery is running low, the cleaner intelligently parks itself near the shallow end or wall, making it easy for me to retrieve and recharge it. Maintaining the cleaner is a breeze as well. The collected debris is simple to remove from the vacuum, and the overall maintenance of the cleaner is hassle-free. In summary, the Smorobot robotic pool cleaner is a top-notch choice for pool owners. Its strong suction, smart navigation, wall climbing capabilities, and impressive battery life make it a reliable and effective tool for keeping your pool clean and inviting."

Jason J

This pool vacuum is pretty large. It was actualy pretty easy to set up and use. It was fully charged before the initial usage and the battery life was more than enough. This vacuum has made it much easier for me to maintain my pool without spending valueable time and effort. My pool is rectangular shaped and it goes up the walls without any porblems. Its really simple to use once it it setup. You just turn it on and set it into he pool. When it’s done it brings itself back to the pool wall and you just use the pole with hook wit hpull it back up. The basket is fairly large and can hold plenty of leaves and debris. It also very easy to clean out and store away for the next cleaning. I can say this pool vacuum robot is a must if you want to make pool maintenance easier. Overally the robot vacuum is very well made with high quality durable material.

Genia hall

I wasn‘t sure what to expect but I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised. I own a pool cleaning business so I've had several vacuums in the past but this one actually gets the job done. Even picks up a lot of sand (I'm in Florida). Very pleased!

Elizabeth Williams

I use this in my in ground pool with a sharp incline. It does not struggle with the incline at all. I am amazed at its ability to clean the entire pool including the sides.


This really does a great job! Wall and bottom surface. I really like how it stops at the water line on the walls and takes a few extra second scrubbing before it backs down. Simple to operate and recharge. I believe it ran 3 to 4 hours on a full charge.


Bob needs a way to express himself. Consider this in your updates to the design. [UPDATE] Would give this a 10 star if I could; concrete was recently spilled in my pool and large pieces of gravel. I was concerned that it would break Bob but it didn‘t. In fact he picked up every piece of debris even large rocks! I don't think they recommend using him for that - but I did and it worked for me. THIS IS THE POOL BOT FOR YOU!


I'm very happy with this purchase. It's simple to use and has made a big difference in keeping my pool clean. Association trees on the other side of my fence always dump leaves in my pool. I have a pool guy coming twice a week as a result. This robotic cleaner is helping to clean the pool even better than the pool guy. I was very surprised at the amount of dirt it got in the first two runs.

Recommended By

Innovative Design for Exceptional Cleaning Results: Super strong power comes from a 10000mAh battery
Really cool robot! The cleaning pattern is indeed impressive as is the battery life.
I greatly appreciate the Smorobot charges in two hours. There’s another robot I found, and it needs about five hours to charge.
Requiring very little user direction, this robot pool vacuum is a true set-and-forget robot.
The lights changing colors is a good improvement. The older model could be confusing until u learn how to use it
Valor stands out not only for boasting the most powerful cleaning suction system in the industry, but also for its innovative motor power adaptive deployment system.

To conclude, Smorobot provides its customers with a cordless robotic pool cleaner that covers every niche of the current market. If you are tired of cleaning your pool manually or just aren’t satisfied enough with your current pool cleaner, consider getting your hands on one of those.

Maintaining a pool can be stressful and time-consuming. If you have the opportunity to automate some of that process, it might be worth checking out. The Smorobot is a convenient option for one of the crucial pool maintenance tasks.
We believe that good products should be accessible to everyone and by cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer advanced products at much more affordable prices than our competitors.
Introducing intelligent path planning technology into the pool cleaning industry has greatly elevated how cleaning is carried out. This new integrated smart technology makes pool maintenance more thorough, effortless, and stress-free.
All in all, the SMOROBOT is one of the most feature-packed smart robotic pool cleaners that you can currently find available in the market, integrating every smart functionality you’d want to have on an automated pool cleaner.
SMOROBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a perfect solution for your pool cleaning. The robot then cleans your entire pool line by line and edge to edge including the walls and waterline.
It’s not only a long-lasting robot, it’s a smart one too. Given that different pools are built differently with different shapes and sizes, the Smorobot features Intelligent Path Planning that can measure the dimensions of your pool and then uses advanced algorithms to map out the most efficient route possible.
SMOROBOT has received high praise from customers for its innovative cleaning solutions, durable and convenient designs, and exceptional customer service. It continues to make a positive impact in the smart cleaning industry, providing customers with safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable homes.