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Valor Experience Program

Exclusive Cleaning Challenge! We're inviting you to use the world's smartest robotic pool cleaner in your pool and share your experience with us. Enroll now and receive a $200 coupon toward the purchase of either the Valor S10 or P10 models!

SMOROBOT, the leader in the field of Intelligent Robotic Pool Cleaner. Regarding the newly released Valor S10/P10, we announced a continuous user experience improvement program for users who purchase Valor S10/P10, aiming to provide users with the ultimate ownership experience.

Customers who purchase the Valor series (S10/P10) from March 28th to May 1st in 2024 will directly join our Valor Experience Program.


Valor Experience Program

In addition to our after-sale service , Valor Experience Program members are provided with:

  • Premium Protection Plan: With Valor Experience Program, if you accidentally drop or damage your robot in 1 year, you are covered by repair service.
  • Dedicated Experience Team: A dedicated experience team helps guide your setup and offers product operation & experience support to ensure you take advantage of an ever-expanding list of new software-based features and capabilities to keep your robot operating at peak performance.
  • Upgrades & Expanding Your Valor Series: Get the latest and greatest with upgrade eligibility in 1 year along with special offers to bring new robots into your home, so you'll always be on the cutting edge of pool clean.


Build Best Intelligent Robot Together

You are invited to join in our User Experience Research and User-involved R&D, becoming a collaborator of the Valor Series that we are proud of. We will innovate and design new intelligent features together.



Valor Experience Program is available to customers in the U.S.


For more information

Valor P10/S10 photos, videos and information can be found at:

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Focused on the philosophy of "Power of Effortless Clean", SMOROBOT specializes in pool cleaning, offering comprehensive solutions from R&D to commercialization. With long-term technical accumulation, industry experience, and product innovation, SMOROBOT has achieved cable-free, highly intelligent pool-cleaning robots with versatile, automated solutions for global customers. With design and maintenance centers in the US, Europe, and China, SMOROBOT ensures localized rapid customer services, continually delivering exceptional experiences and solutions worldwide.