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SMOROBOT TANK X Launching Pre-order on Amazon Today

In April, 2022, SMOROBOT TANK X robotic pool cleaner completed its first Kickstarter campaign, finishing with $381,456 from 616 backers, 3800% over the goal. We consider it a remarkable achievement for a brand on its first go for crowdfunding.

SMOROBOT’s innovative product and service are the key to the success. Intelligent, cordless design, together with strong power, differentiates TANK X Series from competition products on the market. It adopts unique intelligent path planning technology to simultaneously locate itself, adjust position, and map the pool. The cleaning efficiency reaches 1180 ft²/h, over 10 times more efficient than conventional pool robots with randomized routing. On top of that, TANK X can adapt to different pool shapes, cleaning hard-to-reach corners.

For domestic cleaning appliances, going cordless is the trend. Cables increase risk of tangle and tripping; in the particular pool scenario, the serious risk of electricity leakage. In addition to being safer, cordless design makes TANK X smaller, lighter. It weighs just 18lb, easy to lift for adults. A compact size makes usage and storage easier.

Another feature of TANK X family is large-capacity battery. The 10000mAh battery is the power center generating an impressive 188W suction power and one-charge working time as long as 3.5 hours. It enables TANK X11 to easily pick up debris like leaves, sand, silt and even gravels, to climb 90°walls, and to clean the waterline. The quadruple battery protection ensures the safety and shortens the charging time to 2-2.5 hours.

Due to the Kickstarter success, users other than backers start to know SMOROBOT’s name. Even after the campaign closed, many of them asked purchase availability in all channels. On June 9, SMOROBOT TANK X Series will launch official pre-order on Amazon US. Regular sales will commence on June 14th. Interested users can visit SMOROBOT Pre-order Webpage to receive a coupon worth $55+, which can be deducted at Amazon's checkout.

While we accelerate product innovation, we spare no efforts to improve customer service, bringing them better purchase experience. To ensure product quality and reliability, all SMOROBOT models are covered by 24 months warranty period. Moreover, SMOROBOT is the first manufacturer in the pool cleaner industry to have a 24-hour rapid response mechanism. Customers can seek advice and help through the Smorobot Forum, email and after-sales customer support. Their request will be replied within 24 hours.


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