Tank X12

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Double the Filter, double the clean

Inner layer of 180µm to capture leaves, grit, hair. Outer layer of 80µm to filter fine small particles like dirt and dust for a thorough clean. It will not clog or spit sand even when the filter basket is full

No more leakage sand

The double-layer filter design precisely locks in what keeps your swimming pool clean.

188W triple motor system, suitable for more dirty

The strongest main water pump motor to suction power and two motors to itsbrushes. These three motors dedicated power systems increase powerability, and cleaning performance. Including dust, fallen leaves, sand, stones, green algae, etc.

Up to 1000h pool dirty environment test

After 1,000 hours of testing in dirty environments, when the filter is 30%, 50%, and 70% full, the machine still maintains hill-climbing maneuverability and vacuuming capabilities without leaving any garbage at the end of the path. The data is from the SMOROBOT laboratory

210-Minute Runtime & 4100 sq.ft Coverage Area

Experience longer cleaning sessions. It works tirelessly for extended periods, providing fewer interruptions and covering larger areas or doing multiple clean.

Intelligent Path Planning improve 50% cleaning efficiency

Built-in high-precision sensors and our exclusive AI path-planning algorithm to detect the underwater environment of entire pool, then quickly and autonomously map the most efficient and effective route. Also SMOROBOT can overcome the complex effects of buoyancy, inertia and currents to achieve precise command at any angle, on any surface or moving in any direction by using unique motion-control algorithms. (campare with X10 model,the data is from SMOROBOT laboratory)
cleaning area
2 Cleaning Modes
Floor & Wall & Waterline Cleaning
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Robot Comparison

  X12 X1W X11 X1C Other Other
Weekly Timer × × × ×
Cordless ×
Slope cleaning × × × ×
Floor Wall Waterline Cleaning
Automatic Parking -
Cleaning Mode Floor Only & Standard Floor Only & Standard & Weekly Timer Floor Only & Standard Floor Only & Standard Floor & Wall & Automatic -
Intelligent Planning Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall
Battery Capacity 10000mAh 10000mAh 10000mAh 7800mAh 9000mAh -
Runtime 3.5h 3.5h 3.5h 2.5h 2.3h 2h
Max Coverage Up to 4100ft² Up to 4100ft² Up to 4100ft² Up to 2500ft² Up to 1614ft² -
Pool Depth 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft - -
Suction Power 4800GPH 4800GPH 4800GPH 3300GPH - -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ronald Waterfall
Lightweight & easy to clean.

Excellent product. My pool is surrounded by Shagbark Hickory and Maple trees. I vacuum daily. This product works great!!!

Nadine Bane

My last one lasted for seven years and we finally put to rest. I ordered this one and I really like the changes they’ve made to the tracks that move it around in the bottom of your pool and especially to the lift out filter box that is much easier to work with than the old style. I just hope this one last seven years also

So far, good value for price.

I cleaned the pool with it yesterday, shortly after opening and assembling it. It did a pretty good job, except for missing a couple of spots. I think that because it has definite cleaning time setting limit, that contributed to the missed spots. It tended to repeat the same cleaning patterns, Mostly one pass was enough. Most random pool robo-cleaners have or develop that tendency. Easy to clean the filter. I'll have tocheck to see if the company makes an even finer filter for algae suction and collection.


Easy to use, good product, good price. I like it.