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SMOROBOT is a high-tech company specializied in swimming pool cleaning robots. Our cutting-edge solutions and relentless innovation set us apart in the competitive market.Pool maintenance can be a chore, but a pristine pool ensures an enjoyable swim. SMOROBOT is purpose-built for this task. Leveraging advanced technology, exceptional service, and reliable performance, we free users from the drudgery of pool cleaning. Our robots and artificial intelligence create a clean pool environment, enhancing quality of life. Our focus lies in automated domestic pool cleaning solutions.



We deliver professional-grade solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and quality. We prioritize our customers' needs and expectations.


We introduce cutting-edge technologies and features into our wireless pool cleaning robots. They have smart functions such as remote control, scheduling, water quality monitoring, and self-charging.


Our robots are reliable and durable. They can handle any pool size, shape, and surface. We provide comprehensive after-sales support and customer satisfaction.

Why choose us

Technological Innovation as a Pillar

We value innovation and excellence. In 2.5 years, we applied for 52 patents in various fields, creating the best products for our customers.

Professional Cleaning Solutions

Our cordless pool cleaning robots are expertly designed and engineered. They pass 45 reliability tests and 1,000 hours of operation testing. They have 15+ certifications for quality and safety.

After-sales Coverage Area

We care about our customers and their satisfaction. We offer global after-sales service that covers all continents and 24 countries. Our professional teams and projects are ready to assist you with any issues or needs.

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