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Tank C1

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Product No. Tank C1
  • 3300GPH strong suction power
  • Anti-clogging filtration System
  • Unrivalled wall & waterline Climbing Ability
  • 150-Minute runtime & 2500 sq.ft coverage area
  • Intelligence navigation V1.0
  • Easy retrieval with automatic parking
  • up to 1000h pool dirty environment test
  • 15+ Certifications and 45 quality tests
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Clean your pool has never been easier

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Hard on messes. Easy on you

The Tank C1 takes care of your pool and your family with its solid and lovely
appearance and leading automation technology.

Strong Suction, Deep Clean for X-Large Debris

3300 GPH Suction Power.

Tri-motors and special blade design bring ultimate water absorption and back spray power
Unrivalled Wall & Waterline Climbing Ability

+30% brush plate quantity

0 leakage brush

+45% scraping time

S Flow Anti-clog Runner

Continuously absorb dirt and prevent clogging. Maintain continuous dirt suction capacity.

Strong Suction for All Kinds of Debris

Unrivalled Wall & Waterline Climbing Ability

V-POWER™ Climbing Pattern

V-POWER™ climbing pattern, combined with superior reverse thrust, climbable rolling brushes and anti-skid treads, well adapts to multiple pool finishes, pebble, tiles, concrete, fiberglass, mosaic or vinyl liner. Streamlined movement makes it easy to break the surface of water and clean places as high as 10cm above the waterline.
Clean more, less hassle
Built-in high-precision sensors and our exclusive AI path-planning algorithm to
detect the underwater environment of entire pool, then quickly and
autonomously map the most efficient and effective route.

Intelligent Path Planning Navigation V1.0

SMOROBOT can overcome the complex effects of buoyancy, inertia and currents to achieve precise command at any angle, on any surface or moving in any direction by using unique motion-control algorithms. (campare with X10 model, the data is from SMOROBOT laboratory)
For different slope surfaces, the machine can intelligently sense and clean in "V" and "U" shapes through IMU direction by using unique motion-control algorithms.
Easy Retrieval with Automatic Parking
The Tank C1 parks near the pool wall when its battery is low or after completing a cleaning cycle. Easy retrieval without needing to get wet.

Ergonomic Wide Handle Design

The ergonomic large handle design makes it easy to hook up the machine at any time, while making standing, lifting and walking more effortless.

Easy to Use

Sturdy and durable, easy-to-remove trash basket design.

Quick Drainage

The quick drainage design when picking up the machine saves you more effort.

Package List


Cleaning Area: Floor + Walls

Cleaning Modes: Floor only + All

Suction Power: 3300 GPH


Runtime per Charge: 2.5 hours

Battery Capacity: 7800 mAh, 25.4 v


App Connectivity: No

Warranty: 1 year

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Excellent wireless pool vacuum

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So far this product is awesome! Charges fast and runs for around 3 hours with a full charge. The basket keeps everything thing in and is easily removed to clean. The vacuum picks up tiny sand particles and holds everything in when removing it from the water. The only time I had dirt fall into the pool when I was taking it out was because a dive ring had been picked up and was blocking the cover from closing. I use this in my above ground pool so it can’t climb the walls. The bottom of my pool has never been cleaner!!!!

Great vacuum!!!

Great pool vacuum! I was nervous at first cus he seemed to be just going back and forth right in the middle of the pool. But after a while he figured it out and goes all around the bottom of the pool and the walls. It was a pain in the butt trying to keep up on vacuuming the pool ourselves as often as we needed to. This little guy makes pool upkeep SO much easier! It is a little heavy, though lol. Especially when pulling him through and out of the water. But he's great! I'd 100% recommend it!

We live in Las Vegas, NV. And have noticed a huge difference in the amount of algae that has grown in the pool, too. It's so much clearer for so much long with this guy.

Instructions are easy to follow for how to turn on/off, clear net, charge, everything. He's just so easy!

For fun: our son named it Robert the Robot in the Water. Or Robert for short 😅

Larry Jedik
Amazing suction!

I can't believe the amount of power this robot has! It climbs up and down the walls of our unground pool with ease. It even attemps to clean the stairs. It usually can get the the steps in the water too. Didn't expect that.
It lasts for about 90 minutes on a full charge and it's so easy to use and clean. It does get caught on the drains in the deep end on occasion but a slight nudge gets it going again. Only negative I have is that it doesn't get the corners clean. But imagine any robot in this form factor has this same issue. This is the best tool we've bought for our pool!
And as you can see in the picture, it'll even suck up a frog. RIP.

Jason R.

The SMOROBOT pool cleaner has been a solid addition to our pool maintenance tools. It does a great job picking up leaves and dirt and even climbs the walls. The wireless feature makes it very convenient. The only downside is that it sometimes struggles with curved sections, but overall, it’s a fantastic product. Four stars!

Exceeded Expectations – The Perfect Pool Cleaner!

I've been searching for the perfect pool cleaner for ages, and I can confidently say that the SMOROBOT Cordless Pool Cleaner has exceeded all my expectations. As a busy homeowner, I needed something efficient, hassle-free, and powerful enough to keep my pool sparkling clean without constant supervision. This little wonder has truly transformed my pool maintenance routine.

First off, the cordless design is an absolute game-changer. No more tangled cords or limitations on where I can clean. I can navigate it around my pool effortlessly, reaching every nook and cranny without any hassle. The freedom it provides is unparalleled.

The cleaning performance is exceptional. Equipped with powerful suction and intelligent navigation, it tackles leaves, debris, and even stubborn dirt with ease. Watching it glide across the pool surface, meticulously cleaning every inch, is oddly satisfying. It's like having a diligent little helper that never misses a spot. Plus, it climbs the walls and cleans the waterline, which is a huge plus.

One of the standout features is the large filter basket. It holds a significant amount of debris, so I don't have to empty it as often, making the maintenance even more convenient. The setup was straightforward, taking mere minutes, and the operation is user-friendly with intuitive controls. The ability to set cleaning schedules means I can "set it and forget it," and it will do its job without me having to constantly monitor it.

I also appreciate the thoughtful design touches, like the ergonomic handle for easy lifting and the durable construction that feels built to last. And let's not forget about the peace of mind knowing it's engineered with safety in mind, with features like automatic shut-off when it detects low battery or if it gets stuck.