Tank X1C

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Product No. Tank X1C
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Excellent Wall & Waterline Cleaning

SMOROBOT TANK X1C robot pool cleaner featuring ultra-scrubbing brush wheel drive system, tank track chassis and 130W water pump can efficiently scrub away organic stains stuck on the walls and waterline, and easily pick up fallen leaves, grit, hair, and algae on the floor.

Intelligent Path Planning improve 50% cleaning efficiency

Built-in high-precision sensors and our exclusive AI path-planning algorithm to detect the underwater environment of entire pool, then quickly and autonomously map the most efficient and effective route.

150-Minute Runtime & 2500 sq.ft Coverage Area

Experience longer cleaning sessions. It works tirelessly for extended periods, providing fewer interruptions and covering larger areas or doing multiple clean.

Easy retrieval with Automatic Parking

The Tank X1C pool robot parks near the pool wall when its battery is low or after completing a cleaning cycle. Easy retrieval without needing to get wet.

Strong suction, deep clean for more dirty

Strong power comes from a 7800mAh high-performance battery, 130W suction power and triple smart motors. Suitable for all types of dirt, including dust, fallen leaves, sand, stones, green algae, etc.

Powerful Ultra Scrubbing Brush Wheels

The scrubbing brush wheels are designed to get dirt to detach from the pool surface and pass it on to the suction inlet. Independently operated brush wheels work together to clean the most stubborn dirt, grime and stains.
Easy to pick up
2Cleaning Modes

Robot Comparison

  X12 X1W X11 X1C Other Other
Weekly Timer × × × ×
Cordless ×
Slope cleaning × × × ×
Floor Wall Waterline Cleaning
Automatic Parking -
Cleaning Mode Floor Only & Standard Floor Only & Standard & Weekly Timer Floor Only & Standard Floor Only & Standard Floor & Wall & Automatic -
Intelligent Planning Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall & Waterline Floor & Wall
Battery Capacity 10000mAh 10000mAh 10000mAh 7800mAh 9000mAh -
Runtime 3.5h 3.5h 3.5h 2.5h 2.3h 2h
Max Coverage Up to 4100ft² Up to 4100ft² Up to 4100ft² Up to 2500ft² Up to 1614ft² -
Pool Depth 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft 1.5 - 9ft - -
Suction Power 4800GPH 4800GPH 4800GPH 3300GPH - -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tin Julia
easy to use

The cleaning effect is very good, the suction is strong, and it can clean sand, silt, and sediment dirt stuck to the bottom of the pool. The quality is very good and the style is good. My pool is 260ft and it works fine in it. It can even climb walls. This surprised me. The battery life is also great. nice purchase

John Barca

..This product is phenomenal, we can’t say enough, it’s easy to clean, it covers every inch of our pool. this robot saves me more time and effort in maintaing my pool cleaning efforts.👍

Works Great!

Does a great job picking up debris, and leaves and cleaning. Cleans right up the wall and waterline with no problem. Good value for the money! Recharges in a couple of hours. Need to use it while the pool filter is off. Cannot be used if pool chlorine levels are high. Pleased at how well it works! Super nice to not have to deal with hoses. Easy to open it to clean out the basket after each use.

Getting to understand the meaning of all the lights on the front is important

After 3 uses I am pretty satisfied with the suction power especially on the bottom of the pool. It struggles with the walls which I am still trying to figure out. It might go 1/4 - 1/2 of the way up and then comes back down. I like the screw on cap much better than the rubber cap over the electrical recharging area. It has stopped in the middle of an operation and I took it out of the pool and did a restart and it was fine after that. Important to follow the instructions with this unit.

Stopped working but ordered a new one

The Smorobot was really nice while it worked. I have had good experiences with other pool vacuum robots and am very familiar with the trouble shooting and part replacement process over time. I am also a big directions reader, amd reviewed all of the trouble shooting tips. The robot after about 3 months uses did not operate after placing in the pool. Eventually it did not take a charge. I have faith this was a limited issue and ordered another Smorobot while I am awaiting the refund for the original. It is super easy to operate and does a good cleaning.