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SMOROBOT is a fast-growing tech company, focusing on technological innovation of smart cleaning robots. We are dedicated to providing customers with the best automatic cleaning solution. We believe small robot (SMOROBOT) can liberate homeowners from the laborious task of cleaning the house and garden, and make every home safe, clean, and full of fun. Our mission is to make this happen and accessible to everyone.

Our mission

We believe that small robots can make every home safe, clean,
and full of fun. Our mission is to simplify your daily life by making these smart robots accessible to everyone.

Through constant consumer-focused technological breakthroughs, small robot will become smarter and can actively identify the user needs and provide effective and efficient cleaning service. We will develop more small robots for different scenarios in the house and garden, connected with each other to provide a set & forget cleaning experience.


User-oriented innovations in technology keeps pushing the boundaries, always bringing customers exceptional experience.

Be Innovative

Build reliable products and services. Be friends with users and attentive to user feedback. Keep improving through rapid iteration.

Be Reliable

Provide best choice for customers in the market, with high-performance and cost-effective products and services.

Be Best