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SMOROBOT Tank X11 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner(Upgraded Version)

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1.Cordless, 8 kg weight, easy to use

2.Pool Vacuum up to 4100 sq.ft

3.188W suction power

4.Wall, Waterline, Floor cleaning

5.Intelligent Path Planning, higher cleaning efficiency

6.10000 mAh battery, 3.5 hours worktime

Tank X11(Upgraded Version) Key Features
What's New
- Better water resistance
- Floor only mode
- Brand new charging interface
- Higher pool cleaning coverage

For All Pool Floors

  • Suitable for all pool floors, including Pebble, Plaster, Concrete, Paint, Tiles, Gunite, Vinyl Liner, PVC and etc.
  • Compatible with all types of inground pools & above ground pools.

Scrubbing Brushes Powerful Active

  • Ultra-scrubbing brush rollers and 188W water pump efficiently scrub away organic stains stuck on surfaces.
  • Easily pick up fallen leaves, dust, grit, hair, and algae.

Quadruple Battery Protection

Comprehensive mechanisms to ensure battery safety, including

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Overdischarge Protection

Advanced Edge Cleaning

  • Adaptable to different pool edges. Taking U-turns repeatedly to remove debris accumulated in corners.
  • Efficient coverage reaches 1180 ft²/h, with a larger area cleaned in the same amount of time as traditional random routing.

Scrubs Floor, Wall, Waterline & Tile

  • Excellent wall climber, agile even on 90° walls with smooth surfaces.
  • Automatically measure water depth and thoroughly clean walls and waterline adopting a unique V-shaped path.

Auto Stop at Side

  • Automatically stop by the nearest side when its battery is low or after completing a cleaning cycle.
  • Ready to be retrieved with the Hook.

24 Months Warranty

We will repair the robot or send a replacement within 24 months from the date of purchase.

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